Praise for-

Polarities of Experience

The Psychology of the Real


Richard Rubens

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Richard Rubens has provided a powerful reframing of psychological thought that not only builds on a broad, diverse body of ideas but captures them in a series of Polarities that provide new and exciting insights.  Polarities of Experience is a remarkable book, readable for anyone fascinated by human experience, without sacrificing rigor and the consequent interest for clinical professionals and academic scholars.  It is not hyperbole to call this a Magum Opus as it covers a stunning breadth of content for an equally diverse range of readers.   —Michael Brimm, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behavior, INSEAD, France and Singapore


Rubens has here created a structure of understanding that is supple, elegant, and almost spookily applicable to a vast range of human experience and ways of looking at human experience. Psychoanalytical acuity is his starting point, but his ingenious “polarities” generate cascades of insights that are not only psychological but also, and in addition, social, political, even aesthetic.   —Hendrik Hertzberg, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of Politics: Observations & Arguments


Hidden behind the incisive proposition of this text there is a gentle, inquisitive, loving soul that permeates throughout it. Without its touch we would miss the reparative quality of the work. Not only an illuminating analysis of the relational nature of our existence, but a road map that can help us navigate it.   —Rafael Viñoly, Architect


A distinguished psychoanalyst and renowned authority on Fairbairn and Object Relations theory, Richard Rubens has written a book that is both accessible and invaluable to all who are interested in the human condition. The writing is clear, direct and compassionate. This is an insightful and provocative book which explicates an original take on psychoanalytic theory. Dr. Rubens’s unique approach will be an inspiration to seasoned professionals as well as lay readers.   —Bernadette Hogan, Psychoanalyst, Supervisor and Teaching Faculty, William A. White Institute


Anybody who wants to create change in the world—to improve the society in which they live, the way the people around them interact, the way they relate to others, or the way they express themselves—should read Polarities of Experience. By defining a series of Polarities the book provides readers with a guide with which to evaluate their performance and to choose how better to go about the way they lead their lives.   —Alexander Garvin, Professor of Urban Planning and Management, Yale University, author of The American City and The Planning Game








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